What is Culture Aware?

Culture Aware is designed to support and encourage managers and organisers of venues, events and festivals in their understanding of the importance of local native protocol and lore, monitoring event content to be in right relationship with the local indigenous people.


We have systematically and culturally curated standards, guided by indigenous elders that clearly outline what is culturally appropriate in order to truly ensure respect and honour of indigenous culture is upheld.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse

The 19th Generation Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Ceremonial Pipe Bundle


Magpie Yerrubilgin

Minyungbal Yugambeh Songman

How did it start?

Culture Aware has been formed by a collective who have worked extensively with First Nation Leaders from around the world. This is the culmination of endless requests from elders and leaders for their traditional ways to be protected from abuse and exploitation.


CA has set its sights to protect traditional native cultures from appropriation in the public arena. There is a need to engage on a deeper level with the local native elders and leaders. CA embraces the wisdom and knowledge of the traditions, giving the elders a voice and moving towards a more balanced and peaceful world. In order to respect and honour traditional native cultures we offer solutions to educate and negate cultural appropriation from being presented in public spaces, venues, events and festivals.

Delta Kay

Arakwal Custodian


In an effort to curb exploitation and abuse of Native ceremonies, Chief Arvol Looking Horse with the support of many Elders released The Proclamation for the Protection of Ceremonies in March of 2003.

The Proclamation is still very relevant today as we come closer to reconciliation with First Nation People. It is time to step into right relationship with the land and the true custodians and acknowledge their requests to honour their ways with respect.

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