“I’m speaking as an Aboriginal woman, a descendant of the Arakwal Bumberbin clan of the proud Bundjalung Nation.

It is time to take a stand with native nations across the globe to move beyond colonialism.

The colonisation of native peoples globally has incited the endless theft of our mother lands, resources, the assimilation of native communities, our way of life, culture and more recently, the theft of native traditions.

It is time to reclaim and protect our cultural heritage, to protect and preserve our ancestral lands, sacred sites and unite our community. This must be done by “us” the native people, we have the wisdom and teachings in us from our Elders and ancestors to enforce our lore, L.O.R.E, to protect our culture, country and community.

Non-native people, you are our supporters, you have the important role of allowing native people a platform to practice and protect the integrity of our culture against Cultural appropriation.

I, Delta Kay stand alongside Elders from across the world to bring an end to appropriation of native cultures. I support and encourage the education and awareness required to help those who still feel that another person’s culture is a viable way to gain attention and wealth.

Culture Aware is a grassroots organisation that I am proud to be affiliated with in its mission to educate and stop the careless appropriation of native cultures that we are witnessing in public venues, events and social media.

It is vitally important that we all know our place, that we all keep in right relationship with local lore and protocol to create harmony, balance and mutual respect.

No more is it ok to trivialise the power of the sacred, the ceremony and the true medicine people with brash spectacles and staged events by those without the correct context and birthright.

No more is it ok to benefit financially and advance oneself while misrepresenting and exploiting another person’s culture.

Cultural appropriation is nothing but cultural genocide.

To those people who abuse, dilute and trivialise native traditions while preying on the vulnerable who are searching for connection and meaning – please stop!

Since reading The Proclamation on the Protection of Ceremonies by Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe, the teachings of my mother, Linda Kay Vidler of the Arakwal Bumberbin Clan has inspired me to speak out and stand with native Elders locally and globally to decolonise.

It is with this in mind that I call on each and everyone of you to stand with us to move beyond the appropriation paradigm, decolonise your minds, to embrace your own ancestry and heritage, listen to your innate wisdom and knowledge so we can unite with honour, respect, peace and love.”