There is a strong movement globally within traditional native cultures, to reclaim and preserve their culture, to protect their ancestral lands and to unite their communities.

Culture Aware is a grassroots organisation focused on helping support Spiritual Leaders and Elders of traditional native nations to bring awareness to the issue of cultural appropriation within public venues and events. This is a powerful step forward in a growing movement collaborating to bring greater understanding and respect to traditional cultures worldwide.

The colonisation of native peoples globally has incited endless theft of land and resources, the disruption to native communities, their way of life and culture and in more recent times with new age capitalism, the unjust theft of native traditions.

Culture Aware addresses:
  • The exploitation and inappropriate use of indigenous Native regalia, sacred objects, language, names, ceremonial songs, dance and music, storytelling, symbology and art.
  • The abuse and exploitation of indigenous native ceremonies and rituals and part thereof.
  • The impersonation and misrepresentation of indigenous native people and cultures.

Justifying cultural appropriation takes many forms including past life claims, being guided by spirit and more concerning, the purchase of cultural teachings with consent to teach and sell just to name a few. It is the uncompromised spiritual leaders, community leaders and elected cultural leaders who are offended by this appropriation, sale, misrepresentation and dilution of their ways. We need to listen to these leaders who are protecting their Nation’s traditions and are seeking cultural respect, support and unity.

In March of 2003, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Ceremonial Pipe Bundle and spiritual leader of the Great Sioux Nation released a Proclamation on the Protection of Ceremonies.

This Proclamation was a call to the world to end cultural appropriation of the Sioux, Northern Cheyenne and Arapahoe Nations to end the abuse and exploitation of their ceremonial ways. This proclamation is applicable for many native people and their cultures as they take a stand to protect their traditional ways.

Traditional cultures generally share wisdom which helps people reconnect to their own cultural heritage and ancestry. At Culture Aware, we encourage people interested in Native traditions to imbibe and embody the native wisdom of their own cultural roots. Native traditions foster various teachings such as the power of prayer which crosses over to other cultures without the need for identifying with, exploiting and misrepresenting native traditions not of a person’s heritage.

At Culture Aware, we encourage and support the cultural shift from colonising paradigms of white supremacy, entitlement and privilege and welcome in a new era of being in service and support of native cultures with respect and honour, bringing harmony and peace to all the nations of the world. Our own ancestors prayed in their own way for each and every one of us to be here today. It is an honour to them to reconnect to our own ancestral heritage and pray as they do and have done since time immemorial.

‘I encourage the Nations of the world to pray in their own ways and to revive their own ancient traditions for love and respect, which are the foundation stones of all indigenous cultures.’  – Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Culture Aware is supported by Chief Arvol Looking Horse and other esteemed elders locally and internationally.